Equinox Water Systems

Equinox EQ-10 Countertop
Water Filtration System

Equinox EQ-40 Shower
Water Filtration

Equinox EQ-1 Portable
Water Filtration

Equinox Equi-Sport Portable
Water Filtration

Kinetico Systems

K5 Drinking Water Station

  • Certified to remove more contaminants than any other system.**

  • It's customizable to your home's specific filtration needs.

  • It's expandable as your water filtration needs change over time.
*These contaminants are not necessarily in your water.
**2007 NSF certification among reverse osmosis systems.


EQ - 300

The EQ-300 whole house water filter supplies healthy, filtered water to every faucet and water source in the house. It works as a point-of-entry system to reduces chlorine and chlorine-resistant parasites as soon as water enters a home’s plumbing system.

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