Electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and other home improvement projects

Do things in your home not work correctly? Does it frustrate you?

Whether your needs are inside...

No matter what type of project you are pursuing, Robert Nosse prides himself on providing a variety of possible solutions to meet his customers' needs. Robert has made over 110,000 repairs and improvements, and 7,000 service calls to his customers' homes in the Ann Arbor area. He works hand in hand with each customer to explain the pros and cons of possible solutions in order to produce the best possible result.

Or outside...

Robert Nosse has done a wide variety of projects for me, both in my first house, a 1400 square foot west-side Ann Arbor home built in 1928, and my current house, a 2600 square foot house in Scio Township built in 1995. When Rob sets about to do something, he thoroughly researches the problem and determines the best way to proceed using the most appropriate materials. The work he has done for me includes electrical wiring, installing a garbage disposal, installing a new sump pump and battery backup system, replacing the weather stripping on all of the windows, repairing outdoor faucets, repairing cement steps, resurfacing the driveway, and installing a hot tub, including fabricating the cement pad and doing all of the required electrical circuitry. Rob is educated, intelligent, and curious, and he takes pride in his work. When he does a project, you know it will be done right! I would recommend him for any project without reservation.

Nancy Asin – Secretary for the University of Michigan Board of Regents, 27 years
Two weeks upon our arrival to Ann Arbor in October of 1999, we met Rob NOSSE. Since that time, he has massively enriched and continuously augmented the quality of our lives here in our beautiful house in Ann Arbor which -- from that very first meeting -- Rob has continued to improve and beautify. He has been totally indispensable to our well being. At that first meeting, Rob installed an electric outlet for us and fixed a leaking faucet.
Beginning with these small tasks, Rob graduated SUMMA CUM LAUDE to performing many much larger projects:

There is literally nothing in our house that remained untouched by Robert Nosse.

He has even helped us redecorate and paint some of our rooms. All in all, Rob Nosse is THE perfect handyman. There cannot be anybody better. We recommend him with the greatest enthusiasm and with no reservations whatsoever.

Andrei S. Markovits
Karl W. Deutsch - Collegiate Professor of Comparative Politics and German Studies
Department of Political Science and Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures

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